Welcome to QuteCom

On this site you'll find all you need to know to contribute to the the QuteCom community. To get more general information about QuteCom and the software we release, please have a look at the main QuteCom website.

QuteCom is supported by MBDsys, a leading solution provider for VoIP and embedded services.

Getting involved

There are many entertaining and useful ways to contribute to the QuteCom community as a whole :

  • Promote and evangelize QuteCom.
  • Share Ideas.
  • Create and/or contribute to QuteCom Enhancement Proposals.
  • The customization _at_ email address where you can send your customization requests. We are interested in knowing what people plan to do with QuteCom.
  • Start developing

Get the latest stable release

The 2.2 release series is now in maintenance mode, and we are concentrating our efforts on the 3.0 release, featuring the Verona engine. The latest stable release is version 2.2.1. We provide binaries for Windows and Mac, and source code distributions, for your convenience. We will also link to contributed builds for other systems including RPM and DEB based Linux operating systems here.


Source Files

QuteCom 2.2.1: qutecom-2.2.1.tar.gz

Linux RPMs

QuteCom 2.2:

Developer testing release: QuteCom 3.0 Beta

You can follow the development of QuteCom 3.0 in Mercurial - instructions for getting and building the source code can be found in the DeveloperDocumentation.

Contrib builds

We love to hear from community members who create packages for their preferred platform. Let us know on our mailing list, and we will link to your builds here.

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